Become A Member


Have you ever dreamed of being part of something that offers you the tools to stay healthy, gives you satisfaction, empowers people and helps the economy and the community? Being an Owner of the Sierra Vista Food Co-op can fulfill your need to be part of a conscious group of individuals who think outside the box and are community oriented!

When you become an owner/member, you are the driving force in a community-owned business that supports the local and regional food supply!

Your Sierra Vista Food Co-op ownership represents a commitment to maintain the best quality of life our region has to offer.

You won’t regret having the best foods available to you, including those fresh organic and local produce and artisan products that are super tasty and good for you!

Ownership/membership comes with rewards

  • Shop where you own the store
  • 20% Discount on Special Orders
  • Members Only Lending Library
  • 15% Discount on Wellness Wednesday & Body Care Day
  • Owner/Member Specials
  • 15% discount on Customer Appreciation Days
  • 5% discount once each month
  • Voting Privileges
  • Eligible to be on the Board
  • Future Patronage Refund

There are ten reasons why you should support the Sierra Vista Food Co-op and become an owner/member:

1. Community owned
2. Democratically controlled
3. Organic, local, and fair trade foods
4. Foods for people with special dietary needs
4. Non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning supplies and all natural, cruelty-free beauty products
5. To support small farms and businesses
6. To reduce resource consumption by buying local and in bulk
7. To help create economic and environmental sustainability
8. More organic choices to help:

  • Reduce amount of harmful chemicals ingested by humans and other animals
  • Reduce amount of harmful chemicals leaching into water supply
  • Provide safer conditions for farmers and other agricultural workers
  • Enhance rather than deplete topsoil
  • Support rural economies

9. Support biodiversity
10. Because you complete us!